Victor ROMERO, PhD in Physics


I am an Experimental Physicist with a PhD from Université Pierre et Marie Curie France and Universidad de Santigo de Chile. I have worked in fracture of thin sheets, Colloidal suspensions, and Friction & Contact mechanics. Currently, I am a starting faculty at the ELAN team at INRIA Grenoble Rhône-Alpes working in problems in soft matter and extreme mechanics in collaboration with Laboratoire Jean Le Rond ∂'Alembert in Paris.
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M. Trejo, V. Romero, E. Hamm & E. Cerda. Lateral Indentation of a Thin Elastic Film. Soft Matter (2022).

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V. Romero, M. LY, A. H. Rasheed, R. Charrondière, A. Lazarus, S. Neukirch, F. Bertails-Descoubes. Physical validation of simulators in computer graphics: a new framework dedicated to slender elastic structures and frictional contact. ACM Trans. Graph. 40, 4, Article 66, (2021).

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A. H. Rasheed, V. Romero, F. Bertails-Descoubes, S. Wuhrer, J. S. Franco & A. Lazarus. A Visual Approach to Measure Cloth-Body and Cloth-Cloth Friction. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (2021)

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Oral presentation. A. H. Rasheed, V. Romero, F. Bertails-Descoubes, S. Wuhrer, J. S. Franco & A. Lazarus. Learning to Measurethe Static Friction Coefficient in Cloth Contact. IEEE CVPR (2020)

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R. Charrondière , F. Bertails-Descoubes, S. Neukirch & V. Romero. Numerical modeling of inextensible elastic ribbons with curvature-based elements. Comput. Methods Appl. Mech. Engrg. 364 (2020).

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R. Charrondière, F. Bertails-Descoubes, S. Neukirch & V. Romero. Modélisation numérique de rubans en éléments de haut degré. Journées Françaises d'Informatique Graphique et de Réalité Virtuelle, Marseille, France. pp.1-7 (2019). [Best paper award at AFIG-EGFR 2019]

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F. Bertails-Descoubes, A. Derouet-Jourdan, V. Romero & A. Lazarus. Inverse design of an isotropic suspended Kirchhoff rod: theoretical and numerical results on the uniqueness of the natural shape. Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, 474(2212), 20170837-27 (2018).

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S. Yashima, V. Romero, E. Wandersman, C. Fretigny, M. K. Chaudhury, A. Chateauminois & A. M. Prevost. Normal contact and friction of rubber with model randomly rough surfaces, Soft Matter, 11(5), 871-881 (2014).

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V. Romero, E. Wandersman, G. Debrégeas & A. M. Prevost. Probing Locally the Onset of Slippage at a Model Multicontact Interface, Physical Review Letter, 112, 094301 (2014).

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V. Romero, B. Roman, E. Hamm, & E. Cerda. Spiral tearing of thin films, Soft Matter, 9(34), 8282 (2013).

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V. Romero, E. Cerda, T. A. Witten & T. Liang. FAST TRACK COMMUNICATION: Force focusing in confined fibres and sheets. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 41(1), (2008).

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V. Romero, T. A. Witten, & E. Cerda. Multiple coiling of an elastic sheet in a tube. Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, 464, 2847-2866(2008).

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LU3ME111: is an optional module in mechanics for L3 students at Sorbonne Unverisité. Five sessions experimental course (20 hours):

  • Session 1: Young's modulus measurements by uniaxial traction.
  • Session 2: Young's modulus measurements by deflection of an horizontal beam under its own weight.
  • Session 3: Young's modulus measurements by the elastic vibration of a vertical beam.
  • Session 4: Scaling law for the buckling instability of a vertical beam.
  • Session 5: Hertz's law of sphere-plane contact.
With A. Lazarus

ABAQUS : is a final term project that is proposed to 10/15 Master students (1st year) at Sorbonne Unverisité. Four projects to be developed in ABAQUS for plates and rods:

  • Project 1: Cantilever, deflection of a beam under its own weight.
  • Project 2: Bend-twist instability for curly rods.
  • Project 3: Lateral buckling of a wide plate.
  • Project 4: Stick-slip of a compressed ribbon.

PHY405: Exercises for electromagnetism and optics for L2 students in chemestry at Unverisité Grenoble-Alpes (33 hours):

  • Unit 1: Electrostatics.
  • Unit 2: Magnetostatic and kinetics.
  • Unit 3: Electromagnetic/optical waves and applications to chemistry.
With Gabriel Seyfarth